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window._mNHandle.queue.push(function (){ Read them carefully before applying for HVAC engineer job. If you are getting 24 volts between G and C and the fan is not running then you either have a control board problem, fan blower motor problem or a blower motor capacitor problem. I hope you get this worked out soon where you are treated fairly. Yes, this is true. they look at other spaces in the attic but determined that there was no other spot that they would be able to cut open a hole large enough to get it in the attic. Thanks for any help. Indoor coil (evaporator coil) freeze ups are caused most of the time by a low refrigerant charge. is home to a comprehensive Contractor Directory that connects you to local HVAC contractors who can answer all the AC questions specific to your home. (without cooling the house) outside unit fan will be running by itself without the compressor running. With temps during the day normally above freezing and dropping below at night. catch (error) {} Please let me know what you advise as I desire to get my AC back on soon. Please make sure the batteries in the thermostat are in good shape. I looked at the thermostat (red wire) and verified I only have <4 volts coming to it. Thank you so very much for telling us how you solved the problem! The most important thing to find out is what caused the compressor to fail in the first place. I removed the connection from the board and stop. I think it is because my furnace … Steve. (6) O (orange) goes to the reversing valve on the out door unit. I am sorry, but I am afraid to advise you on this. Sorry to hear you are having this problem. I turned off power to my heat pump and set themostat to call for cool and the fuse held and the contactor kicked in. This sounds like your compressor is probably over-heating and going off on internal thermal over-load protection. Put the unit back together and ran fine for 10 minutes then blew the fuse. Out of 10 vents total in my house only 3 blow out cool air. Thanks a million! It hasn’t been firing up. I would suggest turning the power off to the unit when it shuts down and lightly touch the top of the compressor. I hope it starts working right again. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website. Become a part of our community of millions and ask any question that you do not find in our HVAC Q&A library. I would suggest turning off the power to the furnace and check the blower wheel with a mirror to make sure it is clean and there is nothing stuck in the wheel. Thanks for asking this question. If the furnace is not installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations you might start having trouble with the pressure switch not allowing the furnace to operate and the furnace will lock out. Spell. If you aren’t getting 24 volts between G and C then you probably have a thermostat or a thermostat wire problem. If your utility company is starting and stopping your equipment this often it does place more of a strain on the compressor, contactor and electrical components in your air conditioner and I would not want to sign up for something that does this. This could be the possible problem. I called my Bryant Carrier supplier and they said that you could install the two stage Carrier AC with a single stage furnace, but the AC (outdoor unit) should only work on one speed. You might look at Angie’s list in the reviews and see who other people liked in your area that do AC work. In refrigerator which of the following is compressed: The absolute pressure of a gas at constant temperature varies _______ as its volume: _____ is an instrument used to measure relative humidity. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thankfully, no fire. You should be getting 24 volts AC between these two terminals (R&C) when the furnace power switch is turned on and the blower door safety switch is depressed. Thanks for asking this question. After the first 3-4 weeks we began having problems with the outside fan and unit shutting down. Most of the 95% furnaces are pretty complex so you might want to call a tech if something goes wrong. This happened last year a few times, this year it is much worse – is happening daily. Once you get the black plastic end panels, end caps you would reuse the black plastic end panels/caps and order the EZ Flex filter, EXPXXFIL0020 without End Caps. More than likely over time the evaporator coil will freeze like a block of ice, impede the air flow and could slug out the compressor. I have a Day&Night 3 ton AC in a new home and this is its first season. I’ve also replaced the fuse on the furnace board, and it doesn’t make a difference. I hope you have a nice day and weekend! I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. If the motor is not hot then I would suggest that you open the thermostat up, loosen the red and green wires on the thermostat, turn the furnace power back on, and touch the green (G) and red (R) wires together. If you tie all these wires together and nothing works then sounds like an electrical problem (maybe thermostat wires) or yes, it could be the control board. If you want to send me the unit’s product number I will try and look up the part number for the relay. A lightning strike can mess up many components both in your home, furnace and AC unit. If the fan blade is free to turn then I would suggest that you have the capacitor tested to make sure it is in good shape. Steve. Troubleshooting type questions would also be appreciated. Forum: Quiz Questions. I heard the AC Renew is good to prevent the TXV Valve from having problems, but I believe once there is a problem with the TXV then it is must be replaced to cure the problem. I had an older air handling unit that I simply opened and closed the green wire to use the fan in the past. Or would you suspect something else? They were out last week early in the AM to reroute ducts and airflow , but it was not yet hot enough for the pressure to increase so they said they will come back when it is hotter. If your home warranty contractor is using the same Copeland scroll compressor as what came out of your existing unit then I would say this would be A-OK since you are getting the same compressor installed. If I turn the furnace off and then on at the furnace. Please click here if you are interested in the Gallo Gun drain line cleaner. Every person (all professionals) told me “Your problem is a direct result of their install. See if you can answer the trivia questions in this heating and air conditioning quiz. When I checked the old cap it registered good. If it was my home I would prefer a concrete pad just because of the looks. If it doesn’t then you have a tight motor bearing and need to replace the motor. I’ve been trying to determine the cause and maybe fix it before my appointment (money saver). Hi Mr. Thibodeaux! I hope you can easily find the problem. I suddenly heard it running loud tonight. We cleaned the evaperator on the inside of the outside unit it was dirty but that was not the problem it is still pulling the low side down to zero and cutting the unit off…, Hi Mr. Brown! Steve. Steve. The control panel in my furnace has a small brown mark like a burnt mark, does it need to be changed? I began to think it was the thermostat, but one repairmen claimed my thermostat is fine. Steve. Note: The Fan on / auto switch does not work on the Honeywell Thermostat Controller.

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