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Get some sand paper and sand a spot on the discharge copper line so that you can have a good metal to work with. The failure I had was a locked rotor, drew rated LRA but did not rotate when contactor closed, pulled LRA until internal thermal cutout tripped. If instead, the current drops to zero amps, we can suspect an open  run capacitor (A). All information is provided "AS IS." I have a similar question, back in march I started getting a locked rotor error. I took some pics of the unit.Thanks. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. The AC guy swapped the controller Board in the outside unit and said it was the wrong one. So then he just came back and replaced the thermostat because he said thats what would cause it to do that. Start by unplugging the compressor. If it runs with those low amps, it’s not a LRA problem. Check for an open start winding, open capacitor, weak capacitor (see posts on compressor or capacitor diagnostics). Copyright© There is another current measurement that should be made. A high percentage of these good compressors are single phase compressors condemned for locked rotor. This means the compressor will not start without a run capacitor (A) in series with the start winding (B). Any suggestions on what can be done and what I can tell them needs to be done when I call back for the 3rd or 4th time? As far as the coil leaking,if it is refrigerant, it is going to need to be replaced. Rub a stiff bristle brush against the length of each of the cooling coils inside the compressor to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants. The voltage under load should not drop more than 10%. 2) Evaluate the capacitors, contactor & wire connections throughout the compressor circuit. They had some issues when they put it in. In either condition, the compressor … The compressor may make a humming sound, that may increase in sound level over time. Turn off power and remove the wiring from the hermetic compressor motor terminals. Then open the drain valve at the bottom of the tank to depressurize it. but it appears to be 1/2 the volume of the unit's original 45uF cap. Also check for pitted or dirty contact on the contactor. This is normal as long as once it is running the amp draw is at or below RLA (rated load amps). good job. The last measurement which should be made is a voltage check. After he told me that a had a single stage compressor and that everything needs replaced then left, I read the manual for the digonostic unit, reset the alarm and all is good now. If the flash coe 04 is for locked rotor, then your service tech should be looking to see why you are getting locked rotor. PRO TIP. Is this a window shaker or a split system? 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Fax A Work Order (817) 238-7561. It will run for 30 sec or so then shut down. home improvement and repair website. All of these play an important role is getting the compressor to start and pump. lockout the compressor, and after the issue has been resolved, it is necessary to manually reset the module in order to clear the present alert code. Each year, the compressor manufacturer’s receive numerous field returned compressors that apparently have failed. 3.4 Locked rotor protection CoreSense detects the locked rotor condition of the compressor. setting the standard This is another method that can be used to try to break loose a locked rotor in a single-phase compressor. Turn the power off to the unit. We have a Janitrol Model CPKELB-1A, Serial Number 9805415587 compressor. Thoroughly wipe the compressor with a water-moistened paper towel. From there, they need to find out why it is happening and what may be causing it. An AC compressor contains a motor with start and run windings. If the compressor does not turn on with the outdoor fan, it is a good indication that the compressor may have shorted windings or a locked rotor. He installed a hard start unit as well. We welcome your comments and Each year, the compressor manufacturer's receive numerous field returned compressors that apparently have failed. If the compressor is stuck (locked rotor) - Why can it happen and how can it be released ? Use a large hammer to smack the face of the rotor, turning the rotor as you go. problems contact `. Whatever is your application, Tamrotor is your answer. In this post we will discuss the difference between the locked current and starting current of induction motor. My evaporator coil is leaking and needs to be replaced. If the compressor has a locked rotor, a slight hum or clanking noise can usually be heard from the compressor. As the compressor pulls excessive amperage, while stuck in locked rotor amps, it is not able to be cooled by the refrigerant. What could caused it to lock up? What does it mean? If it’s under 5 years old, it may still be under warranty. And how did he repair it? If the terminals look burnt or do not grip the terminals tightly, replace the wire connectors with a compressor terminal repair kit. Verify run capacitor and plug harness. Visit the Shop. Single phase compressors have 3 windings, COMMON, START, AND RUN. If I had to guess I bet the digonostic unit has had that error code since it was put in. If there is a START KIT (D) in the circuit, the current will be momentarily high. I have a 40uf 420V/450V metal can (but polyester, not oil type) capacitor, which is rated as motor run (Epcos model B32332-I80). You may freely link Sometimes compressors do struggle to start and this can be due to. By logging into your account, you agree to our. is the rated amp draw during normal operation. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Related HVAC Tips. As the compressor comes up to speed, the START RELAY (CSR-1) CONTACTS will remove the start capacitor from the circuit. Compressor pressure plate and rotor pulley excessive air gap will cause slippage and rise in temperature. The compressor has to start from a full stop to full blast in less than a second. Wire line one to common and line two to start. I kindly said no thanks. I was always taught that the current (amps) be measured in the START AND RUN leads and not just the COMMON lead. The amps on the compresor when it' ruining are 3.2 c, 3.6 r and then 4.3 on the s line. submitted to our " Community Forums". 1) Ensure proper locked rotor amps on the Run and Start windings. Remove the screws from the grille on the outside compressor. ( Log Out /  It stopped again after he left so I turned it off for a while and then it started again. How can that be? Next, remove the 1/4-in. Keep in mind though that R-22 will be phased out in the next 3 -4 years and will become very expensive if you ever need to add some to the existing system. I went to Home Depot and bought some pipe insulation and at least tried to cover that but it didn't help and is still dripping. This can be done separate from the whole unit. That occurs when the unit is turned on and off quickly without giving it the proper time to recover, equalize, and cool down. The amps on the compresor when it' ruining are 3.2 c, 3.6 r and then 4.3 on the s line. All rights reserved. WTH? (Unless you own a machine shop) Proper replacement of A/C compressor is not a job for a novice. If you check the data plate on any refrigeration compressor you'll notice the LRA. Change ). Create a free website or blog at It' a central heat and air unit. The diagnostic unit shows a locked rotor bearing. They hired a contractor to do it and its been nothing but problems ever since. Maintenance, Troubleshooting He said that it would cost $600 to look for a leak. We provide outsourced screw compressor repair, sales, training, and consulting solutions for plants, contractors, and refrigeration parts suppliers. If you replace the compressor and don’t correct this problem and make sure there is no liquid in the compressor, you will be replacing another compressor down the road. So where did he find the leak? Aside from possible refrigerant issues like stuck closed TXV’s or other problems, it is important to understand how to properly check out a compressor that doesn’t seem to want to “get up and go!”. But now I'm seeing that even with normal running and turning off the pipe is sweating like crazy and running down into the unit and dripping out the bottom. OK, it just seemed odd to me that on 2 different Boards it gave the same code and somehow it’s because the wall controller is a non communicating type….and they are not cheap, It may not be the wall controller. Follow the terminal repair kit's instructions, paying special attention to the kit's wire-splice instructions. Being a 2005 unit it is probably an R-22 refrigerant system. If all the checks mentioned in the post and in my other posts prove OK and the compressor is still drawing LOCKED ROTOR AMPS — now you can replace the compressor. If there is current flow through the RUN winding, but none through the Start winding, either the motor start winding is open or there is a problem with the starting circuit or wiring or connections. Is th start contact staying on or is there some thing else ? Keep up the great job…, Very interesting and helpful,Thanks a lot. Many times these compressors are returned because the technician measured locked rotor current (amps) through the compressor COMMON lead and condemns the compressor based on that measurement alone. If it’s a window shaker, just toss it and get another one. First, check the voltage without a load to see that it is within the range specified on the units nameplate. I seek any advice on when one should consider the unit about ready to fail, and the best approach forward, including replacing the complete inside equipment - maybe with a variable speed compressor which I think is a giant step forward in reliability, regardless of the fact my two speed compressor is still running about about 20 years. View our Privacy Policy here. The daul capacitor checks out ok too. ■ Make sure the start and run capacitors have high enough ac voltage rating for the new applied voltage. Avoid damaging the wheel studs with your hammer. About this HVAC Tip. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. An open between common and start or common and run is an indication of an open overload. line going to the unloader valve (Photo 1). Had the a.c. guy come out yesterday. It’s now august and the unit stopped again. He never touched the Start / Run cap as I had changed that and it was new (for exactly the same that was in there). or RLA running load amp. The primary way of clearing the code and resetting the alert is to press the reset button located on the module. ( Log Out /  Just driving and then loud buzzing alarm noise in car! The start lead current (amps) measurement, give a good indication of the condition of the capacitor. I learn something… Awesome. Then use a slip-joint pliers or small pipe wrench to remove the quick-connect fitting, pressure regulator and gauge from the pressure switch. repair of hermetic refrigeration systems guideline with more than 60 years of experience in compressor technology and highly dedicated employees, our focus is on developing and applying advanced compressor technologies to achieve standard setting performance for leading products and businesses around the world. It will free spin allowing engine to run when belt is in place. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A significant number of these, believe it or not, are still in good working order. After 4 lbs of refrigerant $180 and the $80 service call my a.c. was back up and running. This is a high amp draw and usually only happens when the rotor has seized. The most common cause for compressors seizing is liquid refrigerant in the compressor. Hello guys. 3.5 Missing phase protection This is not really as complicated as changing compressor. Initial alarm will be “Trip” alarm with autoreset and 10 consecutive trip alarms will result in “Lockout” alarm which requires manual reset. Besides capacitors and start kits, you could have a bad contactor, loose wire connections, low voltage, etc. suggestions. Every time I read it. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Armana Outside Unit…..very confused here. He had o clue about the digonostic unit that is in it. Double the … A dirty evaporator will cause the suction pressure to drop. If the compressor is cycling against a high pressure difference, the start kit may be required. For temporary repair, replace a/c clutch if it is also locked down. The compressor is still running and even cools. On reciprocating compressors, usually the crankshaft or a piston has broken. The start lead current (amps) measurement, give a good indication of the condition of the capacitor. FLA full load amp. You will have three test leads. First of all, all compressors will momentarily draw locked rotor amps when starting. How do you reverse a hermetic compressor to free a stuck rotor. the more you spread knowledge, more you gain, I love your blog. If the compressor continues to pull high amperage it may eventually cause the electrical breaker to trip. Could the guy have over charged it since he thought it was a single stage compressor instead of a dual stage? I came home to find the outside unit with frost all over it.So it melted and got all over the floor outside in the storage closet. Note: Pressing the reset will require a pin or mini/electronics screwdriver. is the rated amp draw of a motor on start ups and lasts for 2 to3 seconds and is checked by a amp meter. A significant number of these, believe it or not, are still in good working order. Reverse Rotation Method to Break Locked Rotor. Last note — keep in mind that if the compressor has not failed electrically, it is having a mechanical problem. Flash codes are just a “diagnostic” to lead someone in a certain direction. These are two different terms having different meaning and significance. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Again, if the compressor is not bad, the decision will be up to you. Remove the terminal cover from the compressor, and yes you may have to remove the fan motor to get to this. 3-15. Website operating Place the grille aside. The board was showing an 04 code which was for a locked rotor. First he used the wrong breaker and it was crackling and we had to call and get it replaced......then it would run and the inside would cut off, but the outside wouldn't and it was running all day while I was at work. My home a.c. comprssor started short cycling. Pipes are dripping down into unit and causing water to leak out of unit on floor. An open reading between run and start is a bad compressor. (Refer to figure 1 below to follow the description). Low input voltage (usually due to voltage drop) I have a question – i had a contractor tell me my Locked Rotar Amps are running in the 150s. Study Fig. The LRA indicates how much amperage the motor will pull while trying to make the rotor spin inside the stator, if the rotor is locked up! Diagnosing Locked Rotor Compressor. An air conditioner or heat pump compressor pulls a high amp draw on startup, which is technically called locked rotor amps. Clearing Fault Codes In Inverter Driven Units. Use rated compressor line voltage. It has trip and lockout alarms. How do these ranged capacitors work? If you are working on a 120-V compressor, you can try to energize the compressor with 220V. Call For a Free Quote (817) 239-8685. Is my sub panel grounding correct( with diagram) ? LRA, locked rotor amp. Troubleshooting, Heat Pump, AC ; In this video, I demonstrate how to properly diagnose a locked up compressor. The rotor should break free. I'm still looking. I am not familiar with the Amana a diagnostic control in your unit. The rotor may resist coming off due to corrosion on the back side. How to fix a misaligned interior door lock, Burnham boiler over 30 psi causing relief valve to pop, Extracting broken spark plug shell from engine: urgent. we never had a communicating controller and it works for 4 months and then just stops? I will be checking it out this weekend. Then, close the contactor and measure the voltage on the LOAD side. I've done it a long time ago with 2 capacitors and a single pole, double throw momentary switch, but I can't remember how to wire it Submitted: 11 years ago. It is a 2005 unit, and I am trying to decide whether to replace the whole thing. There are a lot of reasons beyond capacitors that could cause problems. I have a bucket there to catch the water and have already emptied it once in 3 days. 4) Repair or replace any weak components—try a generic start kit for a temporary basis. Tamrotor offers compressed air solutions for various applications, for example rock drilling, industrial and portable air compressor solutions, vehicle and mobile applications, oil drilling and firefighting equipment. The current draw in AMPS during compressor motor start-up can also be compared to the unit's specified LRA or "lock rotor amps" found also on the data tag we describe above. No mention of a 4 fault code. Remember, on most single phase compressors, the internal overload is in the common winding. Single phase compressors have 3 windings, COMMON, START, AND RUN. Without a start kit, the system pressures need to be equalized or close to it. This manual seems very close. This is my first post here....seeing if you can help me as I'm going crazy here. Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and T-Stat Controls, media/manuals/installation/RHEEMRASL-JEZ.pdf, SER cable vs Conduit - Indoor subpanel ampacity/temperature questions. Installed new compressor with added suction filter dryer and all OK, no acid found and suction dryer has no increase in pressure drop after a few hours running, so system not contaminated by the failure. ■ Remove wiring from the compressor motor terminals. Your tech needs to perform a thorough diagnostic to see why you are getting the flash code. Verify run capacitor, harness plug, Compressor is tight or seized. However most HVAC repair technicians look at the compressor motor FLA reading since that's the running-condition of the unit. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. That is pretty typical of a good, equalized compressor under normal conditions. The rotor may be held in place with a retaining screw. With the contactor (C) engaged, there should be some amount of current flow through the start winding (B) of the compressor. I know my 35 can be +- 5%. If there is no start kit in the circuit, the current surge through the start winding will be considerably less and will remain at a low value while running. This can't be good for it . 3) Allow the compressor to warm up and boil off the refrigerant if it is below 70 degrees. The AC guy came back, said the Start/Run cap was the wrong one and changed it and fiddled with the controller and told my wife it was probably because we didn’t have a communicating controller. So there may not be an issue with the compressor. If it does, check for loose or corroded or dirty electrical connections. Attach the jumper wire from run to … ( Log Out /  The diagnostic unit shows a locked rotor bearing. This may help free the piston. the LRA rating can be found on the data plate of the motor. The start leg current should then drop to a lesser value. I noticed when he replaced the unit he cut off a bunch of insulation from the big copper pipe and there was like 3 feet of running without it into the wall. It also looks like its dripping on the electric panel on the side. A961_O No Voltage At Compressor THE HAMMER METHOD One other method to try is to simply strike the top of the compressor with a hammer while starting the compressor. Low on refrigerant. Once compressor locks down it is only good for a boat anchor. ( Log Out /  Almost all single phase compressors have permanent capacitor motors inside the can. 3 Compressor Protector Tripped Detect using current 4 Locked Rotor Lockout on 4th successive locked rotor trip 5 Demand Signal Loss Capacity Req < 0.5VDC, shut down 6 Discharge Thermistor Fault Wires broken, Cf %Capacity forced to max 50% 7 Future 8 Welded Contactor Detect using current 9 Low Supply Voltage Supply voltage < 19VAC, shut down Locked Rotor current and Starting current of induction motor seems to be the same thing at first glance but it is not so. So this compressor starts up at locked rotor (on the run winding remember) and it gets up to speed at around 180 milliseconds of run time. Here is the manual for the digonostic controller. A960_O Compressor Locked Rotor - Lockout Occurs after 3 attempts to restart after T960_O Compressor Locked Rotor faults. By replacing the whole system at this time, you should see some operating cost savings since Energy Standards for minimum efficiency are higher now than they were in 2005. A high percentage of these good compressors are single phase compressors condemned for locked rotor. I was told my machine is working harder. Verify that it is off. The compressor is still running and even cools. Again, a thorough diagnosis needs to be performed. Do this for only one or two seconds as it could further damage the compressor’s motor. 1128 Blue Mound Rd West #304 Haslet TX 76052. I have a 145-174 250V cap that measures 140uf. Compressor is tight or seized. The Max LRA listed on my machine is 148. 37500 BTU 45 Microfarad at 370 V Air Conditioner Compressor - Copeland, 208/230 VAC, 1-Phase, 22.1 A Rotor Load / 109 A Locked Rotor 97367 MFG #: ZP38K5E-PFV-830 Stock Product Locked Rotor Amps - LRA compressor motor data. Well my ac unit went out in December at my apt and they replaced the whole unit. Compressor is pulling excessive / locked rotor amps.

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