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1 (b) The trapezoidal sum is You’re given 30 minutes to complete the first two—Part A. extreme value theorem: If a function is continuous on a closed interval, the function has both a minimum and a maximum. Overview. These both require a calculator. Resource Title: Multiple-Choice & Free-Response Questions in Preparation for the AP Calculus (AB) Examination, 7th edition ... (Extreme Value Theorem) 3.) FRQ from AP Smacmath AP CALCULUS. MVT/IVT Numerical/Graphical ... Notes 1st Derivative Test FRQ Solutions. As the plot shows, the rate of accumulation is negative when tt0, for a certain value t0 which is approximately 5. 2017 AP® CALCULUS AB FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS 6. All AP free response questions will be assigned to students to complete from the past five examination cycles. Notes - Section 4.4; Notes - Section 4.4 (filled) HW #32 - Worksheet on 2nd FTC; HW #32 - Answer Key; 3.8: FRQ Practice on FTC and Motion. ... Value Theorem and Extreme Value Theorem) Parametric, Polar and Vector Functions The analysis of planar curves includes those given in parametric form, (9.3, 9.5, 11.1) Extreme Values of a Function Practice 01 Solutions Extreme Values of a Function Homework 01 - HW Solutions The Mean Value Theorem Notesheet 02 Completed Notes Mean Value Theorem Exploration Desmos 02 N/A Mean Value Theorem Homework A 02 - HW Solutions Mean Value Theorem Practice 03 Solutions Mean Value Theorem Homework B if a function f is continuous on a closed interval I, then f has both an absolute maximum and an absolute minimum of I. Rolle's Theorem. Increasing and Decreasing Functions,1st Derivative Test, We solve for t0, which must be the time when the amount of sand on the beach is minimal: FindRoot@S@tD-R@tDã0,8t,5

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