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PREY: Mostly rabbits. Now we welcome him to the Clan by calling out his name. And welcome to this new Warriors official game, where you get to live the of a warrior cat. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies or retires. chat with your clanmates! Warrior Cats of all clans, a Studio on Scratch. Sandstorm: Lick his shoulder. OTHER CLANS: BlazeClan by @BluefurTheWarrior BirdClan by @MoonstarLover SilverClan by @Raini01 LightningClan by @BellaWarriorCat. ShadowClan cats are known for their ability to walk quietly and avoid detection. 7. We have ten alliances you can now join. 1 cat per person please Keep Calm And Love Warriors! Cats of all clans is one of most popular scratch warrior cats game. They scoop the fish out of the water- a skill cats in the other Clans cannot master. Hi, I'm Zinnea! Collaboration is a very important and helpful aspect of this game. Warriors, apprentices and kits eat first. I will choose 5 people. Do you dare to enter? I help make the Tutorial videos, the Coding Cards, and more! Cats Of All Clans, a Studio on Scratch. Hello! Ook zijn ze een erg trotse Clan en laten ze zich niet snel door andere… After becoming a warrior, the apprentice's den is no longer used for sleeping, but as a shop for prey. Invite everyone! They have soft, kit-like fur. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice. :・゚ Cats of The Clans :・゚ , a Studio on Scratch. Our clan (Moonclan): If you need anything just ask. They normally are pretty welcoming and allow most cats in, but are often a little bit of an aggressive clan, and often fight each other over the biggest piece of prey. Everyone: Sharpclaw! All cats but kits are full of themselves and brag a lot. De SchaduwClanleeft in een moeras en voedt zich met alle prooi die ze tegenkomen, zoals kikkers, padden en soms zelfs ratten van de vuilnisbelt. :O name a cat, RP! Some people make stories in comments. Welcome To Warrior Cats Clans,Games, And Cats! Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. Dit is de allereerste reeks en waarmee de Warrior Cats serie is begonnen. Medicine cat. 5 Clans of the Moor || Warrior Cats RP, a Studio on Scratch. We have 100 words per post and we are thriving with members. Scratch, from this moment you will be known as Sharpclaw. Prefix || Gender || Age || Description || Rank || Clan || Other . Cats of all clans is one of most popular scratch warrior cats game. This is just a list of all the cat names from Erin Hunter's Warriors series. Scratch is a black tom He is known for being bloodthirsty and killing Cherry,the princess. Sleeping in the Apprentice's den fully heals you, and is sometimes used to advance the plot, either because a dream is needed for the plot to advance, or to symbolize the p… use this studio to add your save codes for this game:, if you are a manager , you can put your save code here if it is too long for the comments!____________________________ @True_Warriors code (Pls don't use! Description: Brown tabby She-cat with amber eyes and white paws and a white muzzle Personality: Very loyal and kind and will do anything to save a clan mate or cat and will hunt all day if needed and loves climbing and is the best cat at it in all of the clans, Squirrelstar is a very strong and brave leader and no one can stop her from that. Clans and groups. 1. the novel itself consists of biographical sketches of the Clans and cats, in the form of stories told to three kittens who died and went to StarClan.The narrator is Rock, a mysterious blind cat.The book has sold more than 150,000 copies. StarClan trusts you will give all your courage and strength to the new Clan. Cats of the Clans is a field guide in the Warriors novel series. 2. 1. welcome! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Warriors. SkyClan was the fifth Clan, but was forced to leave the forest because Twolegs had invaded and taken over their territory, turning it into the Twolegplace cats see now. 1. If you want to continue story, just write "continue" under previous save code. Cats of all ages! What about making one giant story? :] -Thinking of you ♥ Leader. They are a large clan… About me. You may not have friendship's with cats of other clans, and becoming mates is completely out of the question. This game features the Clans; ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan in the forest territory. 5. Now you have to join one. I'm working on fixing glitches in Cats of All Clans and trying to reduce lag! By serving your Clan or Tribe, and following the code, you earn their respect, which earns you pride and happiness. Part adventure and part simulation, this cat simulator will take you on an epic journey as you build your warrior clan, use your magic, build your home, defend against enemies that attack, and ultimately defeat all the Super Bosses. Sunclan:Leader: Sunstar mDeputy: Med. -Cats Of the Clans~ Everything Warriors Studio RP, a Studio on Scratch 4. Defend your clan, even with your life. Firestar: Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Clans are an optional feature in Clash of Clans, but it is strongly recommended that every player should join a Clan. Eerst zou De wildernis in het enige boek zijn van de hele serie, waar Rufus aan het eind Vuurster werd en dat dat het enige zou zijn wat je ooit van de Clankatten te weten zou zijn gekomen. What about making one giant story? cat: Darkstep fWarriors:Apprentices:Queens: Hollybush fKits:Elders:Lemonclan:Leader: Lemonstar fDeputy: Eagleflight mMed. 3. Of all the Clans, they have the deepest knowledge of the Twolegs since they live close to a farm. If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. CLAN CHARACTER: Battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for territory.It is said that the cold wind that blows across the ShadowClan territory chills their hearts and makes them suspicious and untrusting. Create; Explore; Ideas; About; Updated 29 Jun 2016. CLAN CHARACTER: Moonclan cats are lithe and quick. Well, you don't exactly live to fight. ShadowClan, the source of many of the darker cats seen in the series, is sometimes referred to as the "dark heart of the forest." Cats of ForestClan have brown to blue-gray to black and even some dark gray. A Gathering of all four Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. what clan would you be in? Deputy. If you love the idea of playing as a cat warrior while surviving against wild animals, this game is what you have been looking for. De katten van deze Clan zijn sluw en gemeen, en willen graag hun grondgebied uitbreiden. Scratch: I do. Kits. Play All NEW Games! The other Clans think Moonclan is very mysterious, but in truth they are just a little bit shy.Moonclan is known Part adventure and part simulation, this cat simulator will take you on an epic journey as you build your warrior clan, use your magic, build your home, defend against enemies that attack, and ultimately defeat all the Super Bosses. Join All Types Of Clans! Sharpclaw! They are also known for their willingness to eat frogs, toads, lizards, rats, and crowfood- foods most Cla… Warrior Cats are divided into Clans, each with their own territories, skills and beliefs. Rogues • Loners • Kittypets • The Ancients • The Early Settlers • Tribe of Rushing Water • BloodClan • The Kin • The guardian cats • The Sisters • WarriorClan • Ghost residence • Place of No Stars • StarClan. This is a a gallery where anything that has to do with Warrior Cats can go. Prey can be stolen if the clan runs out. We are experiencing a disruption with email delivery. This is the world of Warriors, where you fight to live and live to fight. Just imagine that Firestar, Lepoardstar, Greystripe, Ravenpaw and all the rest were never born, so a different generation of cats roamed the forest. Game codes, a Studio on Scratch 10. ShadowClan: Warrior Cats Clans,Games, And Cats , a Studio on Scratch. Reference Invite everyone!If you want to continue story, just write "continue" under previous save code. Apprentices. Then write next part of story and give your save code (:Credits to @Zinnea for amazing game!Our clan (Moonclan):Leader: Moonstar (Halfmoon123456)Deputy:Med. We need to pick between the ancestors. Have Cute Cat OCS! cat:Warriors:Cinderleaf fQueens:Kits:Elders:Dead cats: We are experiencing a disruption with email delivery. Their current leader at that time, Cloudstar, appealed to the other Clan leaders at a Gathering and asked for them each to give up some of their territory for SkyClan. They take pride in being the closest Clan to the Moonstone. Find out what it means to be a part of these Clans. Scratch Team Joined 2 years, 3 months ago United States. Some people make stories in comments. Hunt and trespass on other clans territory, as long as you and your clanmates are battle-ready. Sharpclaw! What I'm working on. All clans are tooken! They are proud, loyal, defensive, and slightly arrogant; often seem to be misunderstood and portrayed by the other Clans as battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for more territory. Maar de uitgever was zo onder de indruk van het v… Tribe and Clan are alike yet different in many ways. If you love the idea of playing as a cat warrior while surviving against wild animals, this game is what you have been looking for. Guests please join. ( I will make four clans like warriors and one warrior ansestors. CLAN CHARACTER: Fiercely loyal, fast-running, easily offended cats. Elders. Me and @R3GEN7 are making a multi-player warrior cats game!. You will be a cat living in one of the four clans… Cats of All Clans MOBILE-FRIENDLY! Elders eat only when other cats have had their first share. Cats described. After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh. If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. We have active and friendly administrators willing to help. cat:Warriors:Apprentices:Queens:Elders:Kits:Other clans are Sunclan and Lemonclan. 8. PREY: Their prey consists of, frogs, lizards, and … The Clans and the cats described in the book are as follows: ThunderClan: Firestar; Bluestar; Graystripe and Millie; Sandstorm; Yellowfang; Cinderpelt; Leafpool; Squirrelflight; Brambleclaw; Ashfur; Brightheart and Cloudtail; Jaypaw, Hollypaw and Lionpaw. … 9. They do much hunting and swimming so they are physically fit and well-prepared for battles. At the start of the Original Game, this is where you go to sleep. ):4_%StrongClan;429;404;448;1;1;2;8;~1;2;0;1;1;1;8;0;~34;14;3;28;40;39;1;15;31;10;2;6;25;45;20;17;30;13;19;18;32;12;35;21;41;16;8;26;7;43;46;22;36;9;4;27;~%+1=Strong;star;4;4;2;1;5;1;2;no;Strongstar;0;5;Lavendergaze;no;no;1;none;none;0;1;*;*;(4)(5);*;*;(1);/2=Lavender;gaze;9;1;2;0;3;3;1;no;Lavendergaze;1;4;Strongstar;no;yes;2;none;none;0;1;*;*;(4)(5);*;*;(1);/3=Leaf;song;9;5;0;1;3;1;1;yes;Leafsong;5;1;none;no;no;3;none;none;0;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/4=Brave;heart;0;4;1;1;3;1;2;no;Braveheart;2;3;none;no;no;4;Hollypaw;none;0;1;(1)(2);(5);*;*;*;(1);/5=Hope;heart;0;6;1;3;3;2;1;yes;Hopeheart;4;0;Sparrowshade;no;no;5;none;none;0;1;(1)(2);(4);*;*;*;(1);/6=Holly;paw;5;1;6;0;2;0;1;no;Hollypaw;0;1;none;no;no;6;none;Braveheart;0;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/7=Birch;paw;5;0;6;0;2;2;2;no;Birchpaw;0;0;none;no;no;7;none;Sparrowshade;0;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/8=Sparrow;shade;9;9;2;1;3;3;2;no;Sparrowshade;0;4;Hopeheart;no;no;8;Birchpaw;none;7;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/+^, 4_%CavernClan;276;269;291;1;1;*;10;~1;3;0;1;1;1;10;0;~~%+1=Cave;star;6;9;7;3;5;1;3;no;Cavestar;0;0;none;no;no;1;none;none;0;1;(2)(4);(3);*;*;*;(1);/2=Brees;song;9;2;1;0;3;1;2;no;Breessong;0;0;Hiddenshore;no;no;2;none;none;0;1;*;*;(1)(3);*;*;(1);/3=Holly;pot;5;1;6;0;3;0;1;no;Hollypot;0;0;none;no;no;3;Tangledpaw;none;0;1;(2)(4);(1);*;*;*;(1);/4=Hidden;shore;8;6;7;0;3;1;2;no;Hiddenshore;0;0;Breessong;no;no;4;none;none;0;1;*;*;(1)(3);*;*;(1);/5=Tangled;paw;8;9;7;3;2;1;1;no;Tangledpaw;0;0;none;no;no;5;none;Hollypot;0;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/6=Swaying;kit;7;6;2;0;1;2;1;no;Swayingkit;0;0;none;no;no;6;none;none;0;1;(7)(8);(9);*;*;*;(1);/7=Glowing;mist;8;9;2;3;3;1;1;no;Glowingmist;0;0;Sugarspeck;no;no;7;none;none;0;1;*;*;(6)(9);*;*;(1);/8=Sugar;speck;3;7;1;1;3;2;2;no;Sugarspeck;0;0;Glowingmist;no;no;8;none;none;0;1;*;*;(6)(9);*;*;(1);/9=Klu;hfewsks;6;4;7;2;3;3;1;no;Kluhfewsks;0;0;none;yes;no;9;none;none;0;1;(7)(8);(6);*;*;*;(1);/10=Pumpkin;peak;1;4;5;2;3;3;2;no;Pumpkinpeak;0;0;none;no;no;10;none;none;0;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/+^___________________________SillyCat43's Save codeDO NOT USE4_%PheonixClan;290;311;294;1;1;5;7;~1;3;0;1;1;1;7;1;~13;10;2;41;29;16;48;23;35;33;14;7;47;6;15;21;~%+1=Black;star;5;1;7;0;5;3;2;no;Blackstar;0;0;none;no;no;1;Silverpaw;none;0;1;(3)(4);(2);*;*;*;(1);/2=Ragged;field;6;4;7;3;3;3;2;no;Raggedfield;0;0;none;no;no;2;none;none;0;1;(3)(4);(1);*;*;*;(1);/3=Jay;wing;6;9;7;1;4;2;2;no;Jaywing;0;0;Ochrebranch;no;no;3;none;none;0;1;*;*;(2)(1);*;*;(1);/4=Ochre;branch;4;8;1;1;4;1;2;no;Ochrebranch;0;0;Jaywing;no;no;4;none;none;0;1;*;*;(2)(1);*;*;(1);/5=Sand;stripe;3;6;7;1;3;0;1;no;Sandstripe;0;0;none;no;yes;5;Glimmerpaw;none;5;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/6=Glimmer;paw;8;5;2;2;2;0;2;no;Glimmerpaw;2;2;none;no;no;6;none;Sandstripe;0;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/7=Silver;paw;4;3;2;2;2;3;3;no;Silverpaw;2;1;none;no;no;7;none;Blackstar;0;1;*;*;*;*;*;(1);/+^. However, each Clan gave reasons to refuse to let SkyClan stay, and in the end, the Clan was driven out. Link To Medicine Cat Herbs! Follow The Leader | A Guide to Clan Life. They are nervous and quick to flee by any sign of danger, due to the lack of cover on the open moor. Welcome to Warriors: Cats of all Clans! Prey can be killed for any reason, other than gifts for other cats. Then write next part of story and give your save code (: Credits to @Zinnea for amazing game! Queens. It was often said when the Clans were in the forest, that the cold north wind of the mountains chilled the ShadowClan warriors' hearts. The apprentice's den is where cats six moons or older that are training to become warriors sleep.

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