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Denken Sie daran, einen warmen Schal und ein Paar Handschuhe zu tragen! The best visiting season for Badrinath is summer months from May – November with May/June being the most crowded months when the pilgrim rush is at its peak and September/October being ideal for a more relaxed spiritual journey. The temperature during this time stays between 16 to 10 degree Celsius. Es wird empfohlen, dass Sie sich in warmen Schichten kleiden und daran denken, Ihre Handschuhe mitzubringen! Wenn Sie in naher Zukunft nach Badrinath reisen möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen unsere Wettervorhersage für Badrinath. Last Updated: 15th January 2021. Badrinath Weather by month // weather averages The Badrinath temple remains closed during winters because of heavy rainfall that the area experiences. The temperature starts to dip again but is still in the bearable range, making September a popular months to visit Badrinath. Unsere Wettervorhersage gibt Ihnen einen umfassenden Eindruck davon, welches Wetter in Badrinath im Januar 2021 zu erwarten ist. It fluctuates between 18 and 24 degree Celsius. Insgesamt ist die erwartete Prognose eher mild, sodass es nicht nötig ist, sich auf kälteres Wetter einzustellen. Jährlich fallen etwa 1670 mm Niederschlag. Er liegt am Rand des Alaknanda Flusses. Weather remains humid. Wettervorhersagen für Badrinath im Juli 2021, einschließlich der Temperaturen im Juli sowie der durchschnittlichen Regentage, Wind und Schnee in Badrinath. The temperature here goes down to zero and subzero levels and Darshan is completely shut down during this time. January is one of the coldest months of Rishikesh with temperature hovering from 11 to 20 degrees Celsius during daytime and 5-8 degrees Celsius during night time. With an average of 15.0 °C | 59.0 °F, June is the warmest month. Badrinath average temperature. Weather Forecast Badrinath - India (Uttarakhand) ☼ Longitude : 79.49 Latitude : 30.74 Altitude : 3117m ☀ Localisée dans le sous-continent indien, l'Inde se trouve au Sud de l'Asie et s'étend sur plus de 3 millions de km carrés. Because Kedarnath Temple height is around 3,583 meters (11,755 ft) above sea level. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 There is a very cold Temperature in Kedarnath Temple in December. The roads are mostly blocked with snow cover and the pilgrims and visitors are at a minimum. 24. October is best time to visit Badrinath,Easy darshan,no risk of landslides enroute,good & cheap stay,clear weather . Badrinath liegt ungefähr 3145m über dem Meeresspiegel. During the next 24 hours, the system will continue to have an impact on all these hilly states. It is one of the four sites in India's Char Dham pilgrimage and gets its name from the Badrinath Temple. Therefore, it is recommended to pack for both warm and chilly conditions . The area is less temperate than some — in the 35th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. Weather in Badrinath in November. Altitude:2500 to 3050 meter above sea level. Etymology. Summers are ideal for sight seeing and pilgrimage. Das Wetter in Badrinath im Januar ist sehr schlecht. Here we are sharing a detailed analysis of Kedarnath temperature in January. It is considered as a flood-prone area, considering 2013 floods, so the temple is shut down during monsoon. Avg Snow Days. Another good time to visit Badrinath is September-October which is the post-monsoon season. Wir erwarten ungefähr 8 bis 15 Regentage, sodass Ihre Gummistiefel und Ihr Regenschirm in diesem Monat wichtige Begleiter sind, wenn Sie trocken bleiben möchten. During the summer month, from March till July, Badrinath gets a moderate level of temperature that is neither hot nor cold. Hence Kedarnath temperature in December remains very cold. The weather in Badrinath in January is variable, when the days are comfortable with over 20 degrees, while it might get colder when night falls with less than 7 degrees on average.

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