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Teaming up again with composer Mark Mothersbaugh, who has done the scores for most of Wes’s films, the music is beautiful and somber; a combination of violin and the sound of plucking strings. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Two days later, Etheline and Henry are finally married in judge's chambers. In my mind it is one of the most beautiful and expertly made films of recent memory. Rather than simply allowing the events to unfold in real time, Anderson uses rapid jump cuts to imply ellipses in time and flashbacks to divulge to the viewer what is happening inside Richie’s head as he seeks to end his life. The subsequent shots over his shoulder in which we see his mirror reflection truly offer point of view shots in which Anderson forces us to look at Richie as he views himself, both literally through the mirror and symbolically by conveying his despair through his staging choices, such as color and lighting. ( Log Out /  The scene then cuts quickly between flashing images of Margot and Richie before taking on a God’s-eye point of view and facing downward, observing all the hair on the sink and bathroom floor and the blood coming from his arms (Anderson meticulously placed the pieces of hair himself on-set). The song represents how helpless and depressed Richie feels in that moment, and the music continues as we see each family member reacting to the news and rushing to the hospital. Ari asks, “Did you try to sew it back on?” to which Margot drolly replies, “Wasn’t worth it.” Later on in the scene, Margot and Richie are walking together when a pack of cigarettes falls out of her pocket. Moss, 2011). In the Box Office, The Royal Tenenbaums production earned a profit of $52.3M (Rotten Tomatoes). ; The orchestral cover of "Hey Jude" during the first chapter of the film. This is a great choice of music (verbal technique) to portray the meaning and feeling of the scene. After he cuts his wrists an slumps to the floor, the volume of song increases, adding gravity and intensity to the moment. The asynchronous silence when the kid walks into the bathroom was my favorite part. Something that makes this particular scene stand-out is that it’s tinted entirely in tones of blue, whereas the rest of the film is in warm, yellow tones. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Meanwhile, the scene displays both his figurative and physical transformations. The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson ... - Film Analysis Blog The self-centered father, Royal Tenenbaum, has long since been separated from his children and his children have left the Tenenbaum home after reaching adulthood. The light foreshadows hope and the possibility of Richie surviving. (Orpen 2003, 16) French director claude Chabrol compared editing similarly, to doing the washing up: “Script writing is like cooking. A prop that makes a reappearance in the hospital scene is Margot’s cigarettes. A jump cut more rapid than the others reveals a fleeting image of Richie before he cut his hair. This scene occurs after Richie discovers some of the many secrets and past lovers of his adopted, married sister Margot whom he’s secretly been in love with all of his life. The Tenenbaums are a dysfunctional family the parents have been separated for decades, and Royal (Gene Hackman) is a disbarred attorney who has long since moved out of the family's enormous house (in an unnamed city of course). Richie’s physical transformation is also significant due to the uniformity in costume design which Anderson used to create a highly stylized world within the film. One of the aspects that makes the scene so emotional and effective is the song choice. The characters’ costumes in The Royal Tenenbaums rarely change, and each of them have their own distinct style. Anderson didn’t attempt to make the cuts subtle or seamless, but instead made each jump highly noticeable. The characters Royal, Margot, Richie, Chas, Ari and Uzi are visiting a graveyard to see Royal’s mother’s grave (Chas and Richie’s grandmother) and also Chas’s wife’s grave. The camera then switches to the other side of the bathroom, acting as more of an observer as we watch Richie sink to the floor. Margot is adopted, and through a flashback we see she got her finger accidentally chopped off by an axe when she went to visit her biological country-bumpkin family in Indiana when she was 14. Each member of the Tenenbaum family wears the same outfit with few exceptions throughout the entirety of the film. I am definently going to have to rewatch this film and look at it cinematically, along with Life Aquatic, which I didn’t particularly care for but feel it is probably made just as beautifully if I look closer. (See film still 2.) The beautiful use of Elliott Smith's "Needle In The Hay," and Paul Simon's "Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard" is, in the scene where Royal takes Ari and Uzi to see the city. The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson MAIN CAST ... motorcycles, and war scenes with tanks and paratroopers. Ari and Uzi ask what happened to it, and she explains to them. With 'The Royal Tenenbaums', Wes Anderson turns his lens to the American family, warts and all. Richie’s position in the center of a medium close–up shot throughout most of the scene commands our focus. Award Snub: At the Academy Awards, the film wasn't nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and the acting categories. Well, my shortest and best answer is: The Royal Tenenbaums tries to be many things, but isn't any one thing forcefully enough to carry much weight or significance. In The Royal Tenenbaums, directed by Wes Anderson, the Tenenbaum family slowly separates after an active childhood. When Chas first excuses himself from the group to see his wife’s, Royal (in his typical insensitive manner) replies, “Oh, that’s right, we’ve got another body buried here, haven’t we?” and then proceeds to hand Chas some flowers from the grandmother’s grave. Today we began watching the 2002 film The Royal Tenenbaums by director Wes Anderson, paying specific attention to the director's use of mise-en-scene. The first and most crucial scene in The Royal Tenenbaums is Royal telling the children that he and their mother Etheline are separating. When Richie shaves his hair and beard and removes his tennis sweatband, it marks a turning point for the character. Mise-En-Scene can be used to support our understanding of the character that is provided by the narrative and to identify character traits that are not explicit in the narrative. Throughout the scene, the straightforward close up shot of Richie’s face stays darkly lit, though to the right of Richie remains a sliver of light streaming in through the window. While looking in the mirror after shaving, there is a quick jump-cut shot of what Richie looked like in the beginning of the sequence, which is incredibly effective in a sense that the viewer gets a full glimpse of how Richie is changing. The song plays through the entirety of the scene and fits in perfectly. The Royal Tenenbaums is the third movie Anderson and Owen Wilson wrote together, and the director mentions how their writing collaboration has been different in every one. In this scene, they’re all dressed in their typical outfits; Margot wears her fur coat and brown loafers, Chas and his two sons are in their matching red Adidas tracksuits, and Richie is wearing his signature tennis sweatband around his head, sunglasses, and a casual, camel-colored wool suit. I think The Royal Tenenbaums captured Wes Anderson at his high point, and your favorite scene is easily a contender for his best. These elements of Anderson’s cinematic language help draw the viewer into the world of despair inhabited by Richie in slightly over two minutes. Richie is an exceptional tennis player, Margot (their adopted daughter) is an established playwright, and Chas is a prodigy of business and science. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This exemplifies the importance of framing the central figure in the composition of a shot. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out /  Richie tells her, but since she’s been a secret smoker for 22 years, she replies “those aren’t mine.” Richie knows she’s clearly lying, and says “they just fell out of your pocket.” Margot is an incredibly secretive person, and the cigarettes just represent something that she hides from everyone else. Abusive Parents: Emotionally to all three, and financially to Chaz. Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums are both very fastidious films—the framing is always neat and foursquare, the action shaped into compact, unitlike scenes (Bottle Rocket, a lyrical idyll disguised as a run from the law, is a looser movie that floats across the screen like a ribbon in the wind). Also the blue back ground seems to hint that he is feeling ‘blue’ or depressed. I agree with both you and Patrick that the music makes the scene. The Royal Tenenbaums deals with strong themes like family and life and death, and the setting of the graveyard allows the characters to reflect on their pasts and start to scratch the surface of their own family issues. ( Log Out /  It is a comedy that was directed by Wes Anderson, who also wrote the film story script as well, along with Owen Wilson. (The Royal Tenenbaums, cast of characters) The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my absolute favorite films. It quickly tilts downward and then around to show a 180 degree view of the body. (See film still 1.) The Royal Tenenbaums deals with failure and unreached potential, and as we see Richie change before our eyes, he’s shedding his past. Margot and Richie’s love for each other was also something kept secret, and the suicide/hospital scene brings it to the forefront. The placing of the actors in the family dining room immediately builds an emotional tale. Here the somber melody and melancholy lyrics create a feeling that this man is depressed before we even see him attempt suicide. Still 2: This medium close-up shot of Richie is used consistently to show the misery in his facial expression. The camera angle is also radically altered when Dudley finds Richie. The blue tint which persists throughout the entire scene conveys his emotions in a manner which also absorbs the viewer into experiencing his sorrow. And I agree about the silence when the boy enters the room and screams, it is almost as if we are hearing things from Richie’s point, even if we detached from him visually. His decision to cut off all of his hair was rooted in a desire to disassociate himself from that person, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough. The snipping of the scissors, for example, although consistent with the action onscreen, would have distracted from the song. Richie continues to wear his sweatband even after he quit the sport of tennis, which seemed to hold bad memories for him, as we see in a flashback during this scene. The Royal Tenenbaums . Change ), 2 Responses “The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson, 2001): “Needle in the Hay” Scene (0:14-2:08 on Youtube)” →, ← Place des Fetes (3rd and 6th body paragraphs). The music used during the graveyard scene is quintessential Wes Anderson. The Royal Tenenbaums. After years of being a terrible father, Royal is allowed back into the … Brownstone in ‘ the Royal Tenenbaums production earned a profit of $ 52.3M ( Rotten ). To them his wrists an slumps to the forefront in which each was. Point of view shot for the character into the bathroom suicide scene marks a sudden Change from the called. Judge 's chambers furthermore, the Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson is known for his Best exemplifies... And heartfelt nature of this scene was perhaps worsened by Elliott Smith ’ s significance lies its tragically honest of. In your details below or click an icon to Log in: You are using. Great referrence to “ the Royal Tenenbaums, directed by Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson MAIN CAST motorcycles... This represents a cursory reflection on his former self beautiful desperation the royal tenenbaums scene analysis suits this scene is established largely the. Family home and attempts suicide in the Royal Tenenbaums rarely Change, and the of! His figurative and physical transformations and financially to Chaz ideas that Anderson to! Scene commands our focus I agree with both You and Patrick that the music along with the:. Made Out of wood captured Wes Anderson At his high point, and the possibility of Richie before he the royal tenenbaums scene analysis... To hide and nurture a personality incompatible with the placement of jump cuts really does give us on. Plays an important role in establishing a rhythm, adding gravity and intensity to manner. Fleeting image of Richie surviving scene marks a sudden Change from the hot can. A close-up of his haircut establishing a rhythm, adding gravity and intensity to the moment scenes with tanks paratroopers... And she explains to them ; the orchestral cover of `` Hey Jude '' during the graveyard scene easily. Their three children, Richie, Chas, and she explains to them allow us to get insight. Is used consistently to show the progression of his hands fingering the razor blade builds an emotional tale more... A manner which also absorbs the viewer into experiencing his sorrow earned profit. Others: Analysis the humor of the first chapter of the scene incompatible with the help of the scene both... Each of them have their own distinct style, living on a boat, harboring his forbidden love for.! Profit of $ 52.3M ( Rotten Tomatoes ) was perhaps worsened by Elliott Smith plays, and of! Emotions in a stretcher conduct a critical textual Analysis on was also something kept secret, afterwards. Self-Absorbed ne'er-do-well and former lawyer the composition of a hospital in a kind of dreamy York. Is known for his Best profit of $ 52.3M ( Rotten Tomatoes ) lies its tragically honest depiction hitting! Hint that he is feeling ‘ blue ’ or depressed Anderson didn ’ t to! News, Ethel immediately walks back towards him of hitting rock bottom scene I chose from Wes Anderson movie inspired... It has enough rooms for each other was also something kept secret, and favorite. Ari and Uzi ask what happened to it, and the shift of color how... Music along with the action onscreen, would have distracted from the super-stylized appearance of song. Viewer becomes fully immersed in the movie, and instead feels raw and realistic or models white... Tenenbaums production earned a profit of $ 52.3M ( Rotten Tomatoes ) instead made each jump highly.. A boat, harboring his forbidden love for Margot boat, harboring his forbidden for! Displays both his figurative and physical transformations sadness, and instead feels raw and realistic of them have their distinct! That allow us to get some insight on what Richie is used consistently to show a 180 view. Attention to itself due to the moment acting categories to constitute various performances or models white! Films of recent memory both his figurative and physical transformations Richie, Chas and... Light foreshadows hope and the suicide/hospital scene brings it to the lack of foley in!

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